Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dendermonde and the dashing dudes and damsels

Here it is. Officially, we're running 10kms in Dendermonde, supporting SUAS and our club. Win win situation. The fabulous Miss Farrell is in both pictures teaching the classroom and playing in a football match, and having been there, and knowing ourselves how brilliant sports are, there's no need to emphasise what a magical universal thing that sport is. But just in case you didn't know it, there you go. It's official. We need to pay for pitch rental, and that requires fund-raising, but we also wanted to pair with other people who do great work, and this year, we chose SUAS Educational Development. Money you donate to support our runners will go (50%/50% to providing children in community based schools with a decent education). We're supporting schools and supporting sports. We'd really appreciate your support!
Sylvia and Jane running in 2013

Now some of us are fairly competitive people, so it comes as no surprise that we've stats and records to beat. The ladies took this challenge on 2 years ago, and only 8 ladies managed to raise over 2,000 euro. There are 9 ladies on the spreadsheet this year, and we'd love your help to beat our previous fundraising efforts. We're interested in getting anyone who'd like to join come with us too, be you the men of the club, or just if you were interested in getting fit and starting to run in a fun *non-judgemental/*non-speedy sort of way. Failing that, we'd also be delighted if you'd sponsor us. 

Ok, you've convinced me, how can I sponsor you?

Click on this link to get to our sponsorship document (didn't I say that Jane could organise anything?) Fill in your name, enter the amount you wish to part with, and transfer your donation with the IBAN and the BIC to the account provided! If you'd prefer to transfer after we complete the race, that's ok too, but a little help will go a really long way. 

1. Enter your name below the person you wish to sponsor
2. Enter the amount you will donate next to your name 
3. You can transfer your donation to the following account mentioning. "10k Sponsorship"------------> (SEPA transfer friendly!) 

Bank account: 363-0292739-33
IBAN: BE79 3630 2927 3933

                                JP Mul, Fergal, Kev Keary, Fitz, Whisk, Anay, Grainne, Jane, Jess and Marian all happy                                                         (and much  warmer runners in 2012)

Thank you to you in advance for reading this, supporting us, and *hopefully* sponsoring us!

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