Wednesday, January 20, 2010


FC Irlande and Belgium GAA are running a series of events on Saturday 30th of January to raise funds for two charities which are intimately involved in the relief and reconstruction work in Haiti.

All afternoon, we will have special events during FC Irlande's home-games. That evening we will have a special FC Idol karaoke event in de Valera's. And in the weeks leading up to this, many of our members will be running activities to raise funds.

NB Even if you cannot attend any of these, please see below how you can help!

Thanks to our amazing sponsors, de Valera's, and their partners, ALL the money generated, including bar-profits and perhaps even the cost of the drinks, will be donated, so every penny you spend will go to help people who really really need it.

Not only that, but de Valera's will match every euro donated or raised as part of this program (up to 20,000 Euros !!!!) - so if you give us one euro, the people of Haiti get two euros.

The two charities who will benefit are MSF, who are deeply involved in both the emergency relief work and the rebuilding of health care later, and Haven, a charity which has already been involved in building safe homes in Haiti and will now be looking to greatly increase its work.

Two of our own are deeply involved in these two charities, with Erwin working for MSF and Conchur already having done volunteer work in Haiti with Haven. So we can be sure that the money will be put to great use!!

Details will follow - but please keep that day free!

Even if you can't attend our event, do not hesitate do support the causes, by making a donation as outlined below. As you can see below, we have found ways to ensure that for every euro you donate, TWO euros will go directly to help the people of Haiti !!

Make a donation directly to this FC Irlande/Belgium GAA appeal, and our extremely generous and committed sponsors, de Valera's, will DOUBLE every donation !!! You give us 20 Euros, the people of Haiti will get 40 Euros. Please transfer your contribution directly to the following bank account:

account owner/name: MCCP
communication: Haiti Fundraiser
IBAN code is BE 34 310 1397677 90

No amount is too small (or too large :) )

If you prefer, you can go directly to the charity websites and make a donation. There is no need to mention our event, the only important thing is that your money is going to the right people!
If you are currently employed, take advantage of the tax-deductible opportunity. For example, instead of donating 20 Euros, you can donate 40 and get ~20 euros back as a tax-rebate next year. Note that in Belgium you must donate at least 30 euros to get tax-deductable benefit.

Medicins Sans Frontiers:
MSF keeps spending for HQ support, admin and fundraising at a minimum; in 2008, over 80 cent out of every euro donated was spent of its medical work and advocacy in over 60 countries.
If you work in Belgium, you can make a tax-deductible donation at the following link, which will make your effective donation twice as efficient!:

Haven is a great choice because their work will not stop when the cameras go away - they have been working there even before the quake, and will continue to work to provide better housing for the millions who desperately need it. If you're in Ireland, you can make a tax-deductible donation to Haven at this link:

If you're not in Ireland or Belgium, you can still find your local branch of MSF and make a tax-deductible donation there (start from But why not just do an international bank-transfer to the event account and let de Valera's double your money??

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